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PAF2018 in Paris

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The first PhilArt Festival 2018 (PAF 2018) will be organized in Paris from October 17 to 20, while FIAC, one of the world's largest art markets, will be held. During this period, Paris will have so many art fairs in museums, galleries, FIAC exhibition halls that the entire city will become a place of great festival.

Moreover, the PAF 2018 exhibition will be held at the historic Bastille Design Center in Paris. The center is located between three famous squares, the Bastille Square, symbol of the French Revolution, the Republic Square, symbol of democracy, and the historic Vosges Square, home to Victor Hugo's house. It is also near the Marais district, which is filled with important contemporary art galleries to be explored. PAF was created to propose something different from other arts fairs and pursues the the following objectives.


- As a continuity of the spirit of ‘Monumenta’ held in Le Grand Palais from 2007 to 2016 and by exploiting the high ceiling of the Bastille Design Center (10.13m high), we will support one artist to exhibit one artwork on the whole of the 1st floor. Or, we can also organise an exhibition that gives the impression that one team worked on one artwork.

- We aim to be an international, academic and experimental exhibition. Our concept of exhibition is not destined to selling the artworks, but we can sell them if there is interest. So our exhibition is primarily oriented for the art and the artists, and not for the galleries and the collectors.

- The exhibition is open to all genres of art such as Western painting, Eastern paintings, designs, crafts etc., but we will select the artworks that seem harmonious with the theme of each floor.

- We select, every year, young artists and give them various benefits besides the ‘Youye young artist prize’ (Youye is a Korean word that means ‘stroll in the world of art’).

► benefits - Rhizome International Residency (in Changwon City, South Korea): round-trip airfare (Economy Class), accommodation and atelier and one exhibition. And Shuim Museum (located in Pyeongchang-dong in Seoul, South Korea): one exhibition.

- 3% of the Artwork sales revenues will be donated to UNECSO or UNICEF for victimes of war, disabled people or malnourished children etc.

- Each year, we will invite a disabled artist or a disabled child who likes arts and give him the opportunity to open a personal exhibition in a booth or a room.

- It is permitted to exchange the booths with the goal to be able to meet various arts fairs of the world in on place, we target to get as much diversity as possible by promoting the features of each arts fairs.


■ Operation

Host organizer: ACC Project(Korea), TOV Art Association (France)

Sponsor : Espace Rhizome, Shuim Museum,

■ Contact : T. 070-8802-6438, 010-5556-6438, E.
Address : Changwon-ci, MasanHappo-gu, Dongseobuk-14kil 24, Espace Rhizome, 3F, South Korea

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